Domestic and international bulk cargo

  • The port of Győr turnover of more than 80% by our company.
  • From the port, soybean, sunflower meal, fertilizer delivery of the entire territory of Transdanubia done. Multiple cargo in and out of the delivery, one can assume.
  • Continues to grow year after year on the road freight of grain handled.
  • Our experts on all kinds of transport-related task, the maximum liability.
  • If required, is to use a personal assisting with the delivery, in order to remedy the problems.
  • Railway wagon transport bunch of our organization, execution and completion of documents can perform well.
  • The reliable transport grain background for special fittings made ​​up of more than 50 subcontractors.
  • From 2006 self-bulk cargo transporting vehicle fleet, we are specialized shippers available.

Márió Balogh
Iroda: +36-96-544-319
Mobil: +36-30-348-4856
Fax.: +36-96-544-318

Tibor Borza
Iroda: +36-96-544-319
Mobil: +36-30-288-5765
Fax.: +36-96-544-318

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