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In G.Transport 96 Forwarding Ltd. joint venture, which was established in 1996, 9 persons. The owners of the company before the formation of carrier companies developed, who developed the acquired theoretical knowledge. The decades of experience in their possession to the traffic management, the management of domestic passenger and freight transport utilized. Your business success is shown by the fact that number of employees in 2001 grew to 18 people. 2002nd December has been the introduction of the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.
First, just a working group, which is constantly developed further:

  • Domestic,
  • International transport,
  • Accounting and
  • Customs Clearance.

There are more than 200 freight subcontractor relationship is:

  • Water,
  • Rail,
  • Road transport and
  • Clearance.

The main profile of our company for agricultural products as well as bulk goods are scattered at home and abroad, as well as from 1999 also dealt a major international road transportation.

The main events of the year 2001:

  • European-level position in the field of inland Port of Győr
  • The company’s major IT development
  • The company’s highest ever sales history
  • To obtain the ISO 9001:2000 certification

The main events of the year 2002:

  • The company has revenues in excess of 1 billion HUF.-ot.

The main events of the year 2003:

  • Our company MAL Hungarian Aluminium Production and Trade Co. Ltd. is the exclusive rail forwarder
  • Preparing for the start of EU accession
    • Project grant awarded by the Ministry of Economy announced “The small and medium-sized enterprises in the modern enterprise management systems to SZVP-2003-2 using applications’ submission of
    • Carrier’s round begins preparing for EU accession
    • The stability of the company’s ownership structure changes

The main events of the year 2004:

  • Carriers in the successful preparation of the EU accession
  • Agricultural exports declined
  • Customs work deteriorated
  • Bauxite transport decreased
  • International transport group left our Company

2005 Highlights:

  • Budapest office installation – marketing and market research activities on
  • To set up a new international shipping.
  • Electronic customs clearance to ensure Ajka factory site
  • Rail freight revenue continues to grow
  • Agricultural Exports and supplies bauxite improvement and stabilization

2006 Highlights:

  • Successful implementation of the entire railway operation of The MAL Co. Ltd.
  • A significant increase in the area of ​​agricultural goods.
    • Purchase of equipment:
      – 5 pcs IVECO grain trailer with international certificate of assembly
      VOLVO loader installation on Ajka.

2007-2012 in preparation 🙂

Private Company Limited by Shares from 30. November 2016.

All these results can not come into existence without the excellent cooperation between the partners, for which we express our thanks.

We hope that our clients who have been satisfied with our services, our company will continue to trust honored.

Company old and new prospective customers more services aims to provide a quality, fair partnership would build and maintain in accordance with company policy.

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