Road Transport

  • We undertake export and import freight payer for the current task execution demands a 1-25 tonne payload vehicle.
  • Relations among almost all the countries of Europe, but also in the CIS or undertake. in the Middle East for the organization of transports.
  • Multi-lingual, experienced great professional staff are available to our clients.
  • Freight-calculations are prepared on request.
  • Reliable, proven sub-contractors have backgrounds.
  • Specifically, we provide our partners with reliable information for the current situation of the goods to be transported, there is a constant relationship between us and the drivers.
  • Domestic fixed flatbed transport organization within Hungary.
  • We also undertake the conduct of container transportation anywhere in the world.

Rita Sipőcz
Iroda: +36-96-544-305
Mobil: +36-30-411-1739
Fax.: +36-96-544-315

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