Customs Clearance

Customs business licenses of the associated tasks necessary human and material resources in place, we undertake:

  • complex customs
  • customs procedures / export and import traffic as well /
  • authorized consignee clearance
  • to customs
  • electronically to customs
  • customs and transport documents issued
  • customs-related follow-up actions taken / drawback, correction, modification, settlement /
  • proof of origin issued under the main proceedings and the subsequent action
  • remedies and appeals presented to the customs authorities
  • authorization for simplified procedures
  • Accounting procedures with economic impact
  • Stock records
  • counseling duties

Tibor Szabó
Iroda: +36-96-544-301
Mobil: +36-30-288-3358
Fax.: +36-96-544-313

Fanni Humenyanszky
Office: +36-96-544-311
Mobile: +36-30-227-4298
Fax.: +36-96-544-313

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